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Charlotte, NC ― May 15, 2020

Just last week, the Charlotte Phoenix announced their return to Call of Duty, but the Phoenix aren’t done yet. Today, we welcome an additional professional team to our organization that will compete in League of Legends.

“We are proud to resume competing in one of the biggest professional scenes in esports,” says Josh Richardson, Co-founder of the Charlotte Phoenix. “This League of Legends team is sure to bring attention to the Charlotte Phoenix name, and we can’t wait to see them compete.”

The Phoenix previously played in the League of Legends professional scene, led by Head Coach Trey “Mystik” Yarnall. This new team, also coached by Mystik, features an entirely new roster made up of skilled and enthusiastic individuals: Eastan “Eastan” Bateman, Sam “Daption” Parsa Zarriz, Jason “Jason Jungle” Pham, Nicholas “Śuperhero” Dziarmaga, & William “Disconnector” Kim.

“Things are going extremely well,” adds Head Coach Trey “Mystik” Yarnall. “We just wrapped up our second week of play together, and we’re already playing at a level that I didn’t expect us to reach until at least a few weeks into the season. This roster is definitely going to make noise and shake things up as the season continues.”

Phoenix fans don’t have to wait long to see the new League of Legends team in action. Catch them live in the LWL Open Qualifier 3 Tournament this Saturday, May 15, followed by the BIG League Stage 2 Week 1 Tournament on Monday, May 18. Follow us on social media for the live stream links and more exclusive esports content.

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