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Charlotte, NC –  October 19, 2022 | During the off-season, the Charlotte Phoenix partnered with Stay Plugged In to help identify and discover players for the upcoming RLCS 2022-23 season. We’re excited to welcome Matt “Daunt” Ehresman, Dylan “Wahvey” Thanus, Tavares “Tvaristo” Michell, and Giannis “Wizz” T.D., led by team manager Lincoln “Linte” Marshall to the Charlotte Phoenix.

Since their announcement in late September, the team has seen early success. Charlotte Phoenix reached Day II in their debut for the RLCS qualifier, and followed it up two weeks later battling in close fights against Rogue and Luminosity, and securing wins over Dark Zero and Gentlemen in the RLCS Fall Cup.

The Charlotte Phoenix will be competing again October 25th, having received a direct invite into the Regain tournament organized by Rizzo, Jamesbot, Jorby, and Corelli. Special thanks to Stay Plugged In, CLT moderators, and our fans for the incredible support during our live broadcasts. In the meantime, keep up-to-date with all Charlotte Phoenix news, updates, and results on social media, and make sure to join our Discord community, where you can connect with fellow CLT fans and gamers worldwide.

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Stay Plugged In is the premier esports recruiting platform for college scholarships, providing opportunities for students to compete in front of a network of hundreds of college esports programs with the potential to earn scholarships. Stay Plugged In has facilitated over $15 millions of dollars in esports scholarships and have helped their network of college programs build some of the most competitive rosters in the collegiate esports space.

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