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The Charlotte Phoenix will take on the team at Next Level Racing in an 25 v 25 iRacing Elimination match.

Represent either the NLR Community Team or Charlotte Phoenix Esports Community Team in this elimination style race broadcasted by @racespottv!

There are only 10 Community spots for each team, so Next Level Racing will be hosting a live draw for Community Drivers on Thursday, August 4th at 8pm EST.

Event Details:

Opponent: Next Level Racing
Teams: 25 drivers on each team including Pro Drivers, Staff, and Community.
Sim: iRacing
Track: Oran Park South
Car: Street Stock
Time: 7pm EST time | August 12th 2022
Livery: NLR & @cltphoenix special edition liveries.


• Each lap, the last 2 drivers will be eliminated until there is a winner.
• Points will be awarded for placing. P50 will gain 1 point for their team, all the way to P1 who will gain 50 points for their team. Team with most points wins.


Overall 1st Place – NLR Elite Gaming Chair
1st Place All Community Drivers – USD 100 iRacing Voucher
2nd Place All Community Drivers – USD 75 iRacing Voucher
3rd Place All Community Drivers – USD 50 iRacing Voucher

How to Register:

Click the button below and follow the simple instructions to get started. Make sure to select which team you are wanting to represent in the drop down!

See you on track!

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