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In a rare tie-breaker match, The Charlotte Phoenix’s Rocket League team faced off against RBG Esports on Tuesday, January 18, fighting for a guaranteed spot in the RLCS 2021-22 North American Winter Regional 2 Closed Qualifier. The team, which consists of players Alraz, Delta, and Beastaboniam, along with coach Sub’n, competed in a best-of-seven match against RBG Esports with the hopes of securing their place in Sunday’s closed qualifiers.

Game one started off with tough competition from both teams and despite a solid effort, the Phoenix fell to RBG. The Phoenix claimed victory in game two as RBG forfeited due to an unexpected disruption to a player’s internet connection. With a substitute joining RBG’s roster for game three, the Phoenix fought to control the game. Great passing between Alraz and Delta gave the Phoenix a two-goal lead, but ultimately the team lost the game.

The teams alternated winning and losing through game 6 – with Delta scoring a goal in overtime in game four to snag the win – leading to the ultimate tie-breaker match being battled out in game seven. The final game was a hard-fought competition between both teams, and unfortunately, the Charlotte Phoenix did not take the win in game seven to secure their spot in the closed qualifiers.

The team will compete again this Friday and Saturday as they work their way through the bracket in open qualifiers to advance to the closed qualifiers on Sunday. Tune in to and follow the Charlotte Phoenix on social media to stay up to date with the latest Rocket League news!