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Charlotte, NC – Friday, May 1, 2020

The Charlotte Phoenix are excited to announce our arrival into competitive World of Warcraft. Damon “Jahmilli” Bligh, who has over 5 years of experience competing in professional World of Warcraft, joins forces with the talented trio of Abd “Korlic” Cheikhali, Troy “Burn” Krabbenhoft, and Nicholas “Nicktherogue” Keitz to make up this roster.

World of Warcraft Roster Announcement 1
Meet the newest members of the Charlotte Phoenix World of Warcraft team.

Jahmilli has finished 1st in many Arena Cup Qualifiers in addition to coming in 2nd at the 2018 Spring Finals. Burn, Korlic, and Nicktherogue most recently competed together in the Method Mayhem Series, finishing 1st in the 5v5 Finals and 3rd in the 3v3 Finals. “The Method Mayhem Series was the start of Method’s arena tournaments of 2020 for World of Warcraft Arenas,” (Liquipedia). With their talents combined, this new Charlotte Phoenix team is sure to make an impact in the competitive World of Warcraft scene.

“We are beyond excited to be able to step foot into one of the most legendary games of all time,” says Josh Richardson, Co-founder of the Charlotte Phoenix. “With this roster, we feel we will be able to generate more awareness for the World of Warcraft Arena esports scene as well as grow the Phoenix brand.”

The Arena World Championship returns this year for the 13th year in a row, but unlike previous years, the AWC will be held completely online. For North America, the AWC Cups begin on May 23. Qualifying teams move on to the AWC Circuit and then the final four make it to the Finals this summer. We look forward to seeing our Charlotte Phoenix World of Warcraft team compete in the Arena World Championship Cups soon.