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Pushing New Heights with an Apex Legends Roster

The Charlotte Phoenix is proud to announce a new roster pick up in the Apex Legends professional scene. Our journey within Apex Legends esports will be continued by the roster formally known as Club Wallie. This roster has shown great promise and we have enjoyed our time within Apex Legends to this point and are extremely excited to work with this group of dedicated and seasoned players. With this scene continuing to grow at a rapid rate, we are ready to solidify our position in the professional space.

Team Accomplishments and Accolades

Our new Apex Legends roster is full of players with decorated backgrounds and have been competing since the game came out in 2019. This roster formed in January of 2021 and started the grind to reach their dreams of competing within the Apex Legends Global Series (ALGS). The roster has been on a steady climb since forming the team and with the esports scene in Apex Legends on the same upwards trend, this roster is in a prime position to become top of the region.

Currently, this set of players is in seventh place in the Apex Legends Global Series (ALGS) based on points. The roster finished the previous ALGS North American event at 18th place overall after making it through the group stages into playoffs. With invites coming in for Series E as well as other large scale tournaments, this roster is involved heavily within the scene and will only grow in strength and popularity.