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Charlotte Phoenix Announces Entire New Rocket League Team Ahead of 2021 Season

POSTED BY Hailstorm February 17, 2021

New Head Coach & Three Youngguns Launch The Phoenix Into The RLCS

CHARLOTTE, N.C., Feb. 17, 2020 /Immediate Release/ — Charlotte Phoenix, a globally recognized Esports (Pro) Team, today announced a brand new Rocket League roster for the 2021 season including a new Head Coach and Three players. The Phoenix are owned and operated by the same personnel as the CLT Esports Hub and Stay Plugged IN (SPIN). 

“Our new Rocket League roster is multi-faceted; aggressive, smart, and work very well as a team,” said Jason Edwards, Charlotte Phoenix GM, “This team has incredible chemistry, they gel and mesh together very well and their communication is top-notch in game. They are determined and driven to become the best they can be, together as a team. We’re thrilled to have them competing for our brand.”

Head Coach:

Zachery Ellis (FireRaptor)


Andrew Nolan (Andy)

Joseph Rotundo (Beastaboniam)

Robbie Zager (Delta)

“To have the opportunity to play Rocket League for the Charlotte Phoenix is an amazing opportunity,” said Andy, “We’ve all been working very hard to get to this point and are excited about this next chapter in our pro careers.”

The move comes ahead of the 2021 RLCS Spring Splits as the organization looks to stamp their name in the history books. 

“Joining the  Phoenix marks one of the best moments that has happened in my Rocket League career,” said Beastaboniam, “This team is going to do great things while continuing to grow esports in the Charlotte, NC area.”

Andy comes to the Phoenix as a mechanically sound player with outstanding ball control on offense and exceptional ball challenging skills on defense. Beastaboniam is the glue that holds the team together as the second man who fills the gaps between Andy & Delta on both offense and defense and is most known for disrupting competitors’ offensive charges. Delta joins the Phoenix as a smart third man who sees the entire field while on offense and has great offensive rebounding skills that lead to a lot of incredible goals.

“I’m incredibly excited for the opportunity to play for Charlotte,” said Delta, “It’s our mission to become a top team in North America and with the resources behind the Phoenix, I know we can conquer that journey.”

The Charlotte team has been in operation since 2019 and also consists of a War of Warcraft team that placed second in the world in 2020 and has their sights set on #1 in 2021. 

About Charlotte Phoenix: The Charlotte Phoenix is a professional esports organization competing in several video game titles including Rocket League & World of Warcraft. As a part of the CLT Esports family, the Phoenix are dedicated to enhancing the esports scene in Charlotte, N.C.

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Organization: Charlotte Phoenix

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Address: Charlotte, NC

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